The following list contains publications of earlier projects. Many of these projects are still in progress.

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    • Bird, T.G., Muller, M., Boulter, L., Vincent, D.F., Ridgway, R.A., Lopez-Guadamillas, E., Lu,W.Y., Jamieson, T., Govaere, O., Campbell, A.D., Ferreira-Gonzalez, S., Cole, A.M., Hay, T., Simpson, K.J., Clark, W., Hedley, A., Clarke, M.,Gentaz, P., Nixon, C., Bryce, S., Kiourtis, C., Sprangers, J., Nibbs, R,J.B., Van Rooijen, N., Bartholin, L., McGreal, S.R., Apte, U., Barry, S.T.,Iredale, J.P., Clarke, A.R., Serrano, M., Roskams, T.A., Sansom, O.J., Forbes, S.J. , 2018. TGFβ inhibition restores a regenerative response in acute liver injury by suppressing paracrine senescence. Science Translation. Med.. vol. 10. pp. 454. (#923)

    • Monajemi, M., Pang, Y., Bjornson, S., Menzies, S., Van Rooijen, N., Sly, L. , 2018. Malt 1 blocks IL-1beta production by macrophages in vitro and limits dextran sodium sulfate-induced intestinal inflammation in vivo. J. Leuk. Biol.. vol. in press. (#922)

    • Turner, J.D., Pionnier, N., Furlong-Silva, J., Sjoberg, H., Cross, S., Halliday, A., Guimaraes, A., Cook, D.A.N., Steven, A., Van Rooijen, N., Allen, J.E., Jenkins, S., Taylor, M.J. , 2018. Interleukin-4 activated macrophages mediate immunity to helminth infection by sustaining CCR3-dependent eosinophilia. PLoS Pathog.. vol. 14(3). pp. e1006949. (#920)

    • Habiel, D.M., Moreira, A.P., Ismailoglu, U.B., Dunleavy, M.P., Cavassani, K.A., Van Rooijen, N., Coelho, A.L., Hogaboam, C.M. , 2018. TRAIL-dependent resolution of pulmonary fibrosis. Mediators of Inflammation. pp. ID 7934362. (#918)

    • Mui, R., Fernandes, R., Garver, H., Van Rooijen, N., Galligan, J. , 2018. Macrophage dependent impairment of alpha2-adrenergic autoreceptor function in sympathic neurons from DOCA-salt but not high fat diet-induced hypertensive rats. Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol.. vol. in press. (#917)

    • Shinde, P.V., Xu, H.C., Maney, S.K., Kloetgen, A., Namineni, S., Zhuang, Y., Honke, N., Shaabani, N., Bellora, N., Doerrenberg, M., Trilling, M., Pozdeev, V.I., Van Rooijen, N., Scheu, S., Pfeffer, K., Crocker, P.R., Tanaka, M., Duggimpudi, S., Knolle, P., Heikenwalder, M., Ruland, J., Mak, T.W., Brenner, D., Pandyra, A.A., Joell, J.I., Borkhardt, A., Häussinger, D., Lang, K.S., Lang, P.A. , 2018. TNF-mediated survival of CD169+ cells promotes immune activation during vesicular stomatitis virus infection. J. Virol.. vol. 92(3). pp. e01637-17. (#916)

    • Schlundt, C., El Khassawna, T., Serra, A., Dienelt, A., Wendler, S., Schell, H., Van Rooijen, N., Radbruch, A.,Lucius, R., Hartmann, S., Duda, G.N., Schmidt-Bleek, K. , 2018. Macrophages in bone fracture healing: Their essential role in endochondral ossification. Bone. vol. 106. pp. 78-89. (#905)






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